Cancellation Policy

The tickets booked through Youbus can be cancelled, but it is important to note that cancellation has to be done before 13 hours of the departure of the certain bus. Amounts of refund are going to be delivered into the account within ten working days.

Youbus doesn't provide the option of partial cancellation.

Regarding the refunds due to the cancellation of service by bus Operator, bus passenger is essential to be sent through an e-mail to our official mail id, specifying the USERID, reference no. of the transaction and PNR No. of the ticket. These details will be verified, and the amounts will be refunded to the given account. For refunds due to no ticket booking but costs debited to user's account, the concerned user is essential to send mail to our official id specifying USERID and reference no. of the transaction. These details will be verified, and the amount will be refunded to the bank account of the concerned person.

Refunds for ticket cancellation due to the flawed transaction will be usually given within 10 Bank working days by Youbus, post the cancellation of ticket or upon receiving the e-mail. In case the refund is belated, users may communicate with our customer care number.

Amounts Refund only the Concern Bank Accounts Within 10 Working Days

Cancellation Board
Cancellation Timing% of Deduction
25 & Above Hours10%
18 to 24 Hours15%
13 to 17 Hours25%


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